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Merle Bradbury's Memory Book

Merle Eva Marguerite Bradbury was the only child of Thomas and Lizetta (Nihill) Bradbury. Merle was born on September 9, 1895 in a house that her Grandfather Captain John Bradbury built in 1876 (photo below). Merle’s married name was Myers, she had no children and died in Nevada City in 1988.

The Bradbury House in Alleghany. Sadly it burned down in the early 1990s.

Both of Merle’s parents were also born in Alleghany, making her a full second generation Alleghanian. Merle’s mother Lizetta was born in what was known as “Cumberland” at the north end of town (Mammoth Springs Road area). Her father Thomas was the youngest of seven children, he would have been 12 years old when his father, a successful merchant, built the house where Merle was born. Tom is famous for having located the Sixteen to One Lode Claim (hardrock mine) in 1896. It was located not far from the back of the family home.

Merle tore all of the dates out of the book, but it is no doubt, from the early 1900s.

Front Cover of book

Pg 1. To Merle from Aunt Annie (date torn off) in light pencil top right corner 11 54 LLh oz (marks from the store that sold it?) bottom right corner ripped off (date?!!)

Pg 2. Your loving schoolmate Lola Binning

Pg 3. Dear Merle remember me always schoolmate Retta Flemming

Pg 4. Dear Merle, May he who clothes the lilies and marks the sparrows fall, Protect and save thee, Merle and guied (guide) you save through all. Yours lovingly Hazel across left edge: Remember ribbons up to Flynn’s. top right corner torn off.

Pg 5. Dear Merle: May your life be long and happy and your friends be kind and true, May you enter the gates of heaven when your time on earth is through. Your Loving schoolmate Margaret Phillips across left edge: Forget me never.

Page 6. Dear Merle, May your life be long and happy, is the wish of your friend Emma Wright Alleghany.

Page 7. Dear Merle On these leaves of snowy whiteness, I trace my name for thee, and in hours of joy and gladness give one little thought to me. Your friend Edith Phillips

Page 8 Dear Merle: Your album is a golden spot in which to write “Forget me Not.” Nettie Brainerd

Page 10 Dear Merle remember me in all your wishes when you and I go up to Flynns. Your loving schoolmate Gilda (?)

Page 11. Dear Merle May true friends be around you Is the wish of your schoolmate Gladys Fessler

Page 12 Dear Merle remember me early, remember late, remember the fellow you kiss at the gate. Your loving schoolmate Finetta Phillips

Page 14 Dear Merle, Let not our friendship be like the roses wither, but like the evergreen last forever, Your loving Cousin Vera Don’t forget our horseback ride

Page 15 Dear Merle Remember your friend Edwin Kinkel

Page 16 Dear Merle Joy comes, grief goes, we know not, t’is as easy now for hearts to be true, as for grass, or skies to be blue. Friend Christie

Page 17 Dear Friend, Flowers are the sweetest things, That God ever mad and forgot to put a soul into, your friend Donald McNaughton

Page 18 Dear Merle Farwell dear child I have no song to give thee, No lark could pip so dull and gray. Ere we part on less on I would leave thee. Far every day. From your friend Walter Earnest ?inkel Alleghany Sierra Co. Calif.

Page 21 Dear Merle In the storms of life, when you need an umbrella may you have to uphold it a handsome young fellow. Your friend Maggie Walsh Alleghany Aug. (rest ripped off)

Page 22 To Merle That you may always be happy is the wish of your Uncle Richard Bennett.

Page 23 Dear Merle Roses are red Violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so ar you. I wish you a pleasant life as long as you live. Your friend Paul Haskins.

Page 24 May we never have friends who like shadows, keep close to us in the sun shine only to desert us on a cloudy day or in the night. Elizabeth McCormick

Page 25. Dear Myrle (spelt wrong) May your life be like a snowflake, which leaves a mark but not a stain. Nelle McMahon

Page 26 Dear Merle Tis sweet to hear the watch-dog bark, Bay deep-mouthed welcome, As we draw, near home, Tis sweet to know there is an eye will mark our coming and look brighter when we come. Your schoolmate Georgie Fessler

Page 27, Dear Merle While I keep my senses. I shall prefer nothing to a pleasant friend. Your loving schoolmate Rita Storwege

Page 28 Dear Merle, As ripples follow a ship at sea So many happiness follow thee. Your friend Mrs. W. S. McDougall

Page 29, To Merle A good name is better than riches. Your Uncle J.E. Nihil bottom edge ripped off.

Page 30 To Merle Seek all knowledge and there will come a time when you can make use of it. Your Aunt ….Nihills (ripped off first name with bottom edge)

Page 31 Dear Merle I shall remember your pleasant happy ways and which you may have your full share of life’s joys. Your friend always, Ada K. Toms

Page 31 Top left corner “For” top right corner “get” bottom left corner “me” bottom right corner “not”. Dear Merle Remember me dear Merle, When on these lines you look, Remember it was Linda that wrote them in your book. Your friend Linda A. Alleghany Cal. Feb. 21,

The back cover of Merle's book. Thank you to 3rd cousin Jane Proctor for donating this treasure to Underground Gold Miners Museum!

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